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Blockhead Capital Joins EOSVibes

We are extremely excited to announce that Blockhead Capital has joined the EOSVibes block producer on the EOS network. Blockhead Capital has long held the thesis that proof of work, as a sybil attack prevention mechanism, would be phased out in favor of more efficient systems (with the exception of Bitcoin and a select number of other cryptonetworks). As such, from inception, we have had a particular focus on investing and directly participating in various proof of stake platforms and networks. It is with this view in mind that we sought out to join an existing block producer in order to contribute to the development and governance of the EOS network.

We are particularly excited to have joined EOSVibes because the team’s ethos and philosophy is directly compatible with our and the overall EOS community’s. The EOSVibes team has been extremely active in community and governance discussions from the outset, and since mainnet launch has continued to devote significant time and resources to build out community-facing tools. Together, we believe that we can help to identify, build, and fund innovation on the EOS platform — helping to drive significant value to the network as a whole.

Over the next few weeks, the entire EOSVibes team is looking forward to announcing several projects that have been in stealth development.


EOSVibes is an ideological EOS block producer focusing on community-first and building the dApps and tools required to allow community stakeholders to access and participate in the EOS network. You can learn more about EOSVibes on our website and follow us on Twitter and Steemit for updates on our development. You can vote for EOSVibes at “eosvibesbloc”. If you need help voting your EOS tokens, you can find easy to follow video instructions here.

Blockhead Capital is a thesis-driven multi-strategy hedge fund with a primary focus to actively participate as validators in select proof of stake networks. You can learn more about Blockhead Capital on our website and follow us on Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn for updates, news, and analysis.

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